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" When we aren't curious in conversations we judge, tell, blame and even shame, often without even knowing it, which leads to conflict. "
-Kirsten Siggins

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Ekow Kwakye, M.Phil, LPC

Ekow Kwakye is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas. He has a Master of Philosophy in Guidance and Counseling from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana 2012. He has also completed counseling program courses at Prairie View A & M University, Texas. These credits helped him to keep up with the paradigms of counseling in the United States.
Ekow has the experience of working with people from diverse cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. Some of the mental health issues he handles are anxiety, self image, depression, relationship stress, work stress and trauma.
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Take the chaos and stress out of your hurtful conversations.

Watching my parents go through their marriage was an interesting journey, filled with love as well as moments of prolonged tension. Hardly did I witness my parent's attempt a conflict in our presence. The culture of avoidance was definitely present. In the early years of my own marriage, I observed a repetition of the cycle of avoidance and minimal conflict discussion because of the negative view of marriage.
Subconsciously, I avoided conflict conversation because I deemed it stressful, and feared it could lead to more drama. Wrong! The avoidance of conflict reduced our confidence in the marriage until we learned to "face each other and address the elephant in the room".
Pausing to observe, and communicate our emotional experiences and needs was a game changer. Guided and strategic conflict conversations has led to increased vulnerability, understanding and growth, friendship and confidence in the future of my relationship. Growth in marriage and romantic relationship is definitely possible, with some guidance, training, dedication, commitment and patience. Join me on the path or relationship growth through my 9- step Couples Conflict Navigation Roadmap where you would have access to a formal assessment, re-evaluate your relationship, stop the hurt and learn new tools for growing from relationship conflicts.Take the chaos and stress out of your hurtful conversations, and start increasing your confidence in the future of your relationship in 90 days
Ekow Kwakye, LPC Shalom Mental Health

The Risk of chaotic conflict...

We often get questions from clients about...
  • How to respond when stress from fighting increases your health issues.
  • What to do when do not know how to control your anger towards your space.
  • How to respond when your arguments are so negative and unproductive.
  • How to communicate your needs without all the drama.
  • How to figure out the pattern of communication that has led to sleepless nights.
  • How to talk when you keep hurting inside.

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Human nature dictates that it is virtually impossible to accept advice from someone inless you feel that, that person understand you.
-John Gottman
Premarital Counseling and Coaching
Marriage is a big commitment decision that has to be made carefully. Through the Prepare-Enrich program, we help couples assess their strengths, develop helpful communication and talk about the stuff that can easily me missed.

Please note: Insurance does not cover the cost for premarital counseling.
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Self Image
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Mood Problems
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The 9-Step Couples Conflict Navigation Roadmap will focus on phases of uncovering the state of the relationship by "looking in the mirror" of the relationship through the lens of each person and an extensive evidence-based assessment. The next phase will focus on stopping the hurt in the relationship by understanding how the cycle of conflict is impacting the relationship. this phase will include learning basic "stop and start skills to help each person feel heard, understood and catered to. The final phase will help the couple to grow together by reinforcing the new skills learned and strengthening friendship and communication skills. Additional benefits of the program include changing your mindset about conflict in relationships, embracing growth through mindfulness in relationships, and exploring ways to make new memories
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A lot! This program will save you over $20,000.00 in health care bills and the process of divorce, attorney fees, and stress if the chaos is not resolved in the relationship.

Book a free consultation call, because our time is very limited due to the pandemic. Currently this unique program is open to 10 couples per quarter, beginning in 2022…


Couples Coaching is primary private pay because insurance does not cover coaching. Insurance usually covers 45 minutes of family or marriage counseling but my approach to couples work requires between 60 to 75 minutes per interaction. Insurance also requires a mental health diagnosis before covering for services.

Note: I am currently NOT accepting insurance for couples counseling.

The Couples Conflict Navigation Roadmap is for couples who need help with learning healthy ways of addressing difficult topics that leads to increase stress in the relationship. This program is also appropriate for couples who are committed to turning their relationship around and stopping the drama.

I currently see clients only in Texas, through HIPAA compliant virtual platforms.

Individual session: $160.00 and $230 for couple session.

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