Seeking counseling is not shameful.

Have you ever thought of what seeing a counselor or a psychotherapist is all about? Is it really a sign of weakness as many people think, or does it necessarily mean you do not have wisdom of your own? Is it a shame to be called a client to a counselor?

Let me use this forum as a means of education.

What is counseling all about?
The main aim of counseling is to help someone who is dealing with normal life issues or crisis to get to a state of balance. It is usually carried out by someone who is seemingly trained and knowledgeable in the helping profession.
It is basically a relation of help.

I should say this though “you don’t necessarily have to be less-knowledgeable in order to seek help”.
Sometimes getting someone to listen is enough to help you figure things out.

There is also the need to remember that sometimes hearing someone retort what they hear us saying or thinking makes real difference.

Counseling has varied specialties and areas of focus.

If you feel a sense of shame regarding counseling, I hope this helps.

Remember, there is this old saying that goes like this “a problem shared is a problem half-solved”(paraphrased).

The Bible, even postulates in Proverbs 24:6 that “… in the multitude of counselors there is safety.”

So obviously counseling leads to safety rather than shame.

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