Why Shalom Mental Health?

Shalom means peace and that is our focus and purpose. Just as the meaning, we stand to promote and work with you to reach a place of peace. Shalom Mental Health is here to walk with you on your journey towards a peaceful mental health. Whether you are feeling rejected, hurting, or are struggling to go through life in general, it is important to reach out and talk to someone. It is very possible to experience peace and we are here to help you attain that.

Our goal is to provide professional and excellent mental health services to people in Texas and beyond. We seek to promote and advocate for mental health for people of all ages, ethnicity, race and cultures towards feeling comfortable and safe in their goal to achieve wholeness.

Shalom Mental Health provides psychotherapy and professional counseling service in person and remotely using HIPAA compliant technology. We serve people who struggle with trauma, depression, anxiety, anger, stress, and other mood problems. We also serve couples by providing them with the tools they need to prepare for marriage as well as strengthen their relationships.

Take that bold step.

It takes boldness and courage to seek counseling. We commend you for your decision and also encourage you that there is definitely hope. If you allow us, we will walk hand-in-hand with you as you make progress in taking back your life and living to your full potential. Do not wait another day without being empowered.

What next?

Click here to schedule an appointment now. You can also call or text 832-739-9720 for a brief consultation.